Fresh Produce

From our own farm to plate. All of the food you will consume in   all branches of the Istanbulbay Express brand is freshly produced and delivered to your palate.

Winning Investment

Many of our franchises preferring the Istanbulbay Express brand meet the return of their investments in a very short time.


All products produced under the Istanbul Bay Express brand and offered to its customers are controlled by a special team.

Service Concept

Since the day it was founded, the xxxxx brand has never deviated from its understanding of quality service and the biggest value in   the rise   of   its growing brand has   been "quality service".

Quality certificates

The Istanbulbay Express brand is a rapidly growing company with valuable quality certificates and awards   since   its establishment. We have 100% Halal, master chefs and amish country certificates

100% Meat

Our goal is to always serve you 100% quality beef meat that you can afford, in our superior service concept, certifed with Halal certificate. From our own farm to the dining table.

Our restaurants are constantly disinfected

Our employees constantly wash their hands and wear masks.

The fever of our employees and visiting guests is constantly measured.